Starting the New Year off right with some SLH… Of course, “right” might be a subjective term…

Kousetsu’s up to no good! But… When is he ever?

Let’s see if I can get this up before midnight, huh? ANYWAY.

Like the title suggests (but really, who reads the title? I’ll bet half of you looked straight down here to the contents of the post before you even went up there.), we’re starting off the new year right with some SLH. While not appropriately themed (May? Huhwhat?), SLH has at least one thing going for it, and that’s PLOT. Hell yeah. Also, Cain is a huge asshole and I think I might be starting to love him.

…But not as much as Ren. >=D

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Psh, Asukai’s where it’s at. HOMOLUST, AHOY


Of course Cain’s an asshole. Which is why I love him. And that is one long title.


pssst…. sweet Chappie 3 ^^
haha OMG thanks for ur hard work xD


Thanks ssssoooo much for the hard work, please keep scanlating SLH!!! (>^o^)>


thanks for the chapter i’m also looking forward to reading the next chapter about what is goig to happen in the may festival and hiyoki’s third roommate


Hiyoki reminds me of a shojo protagonist from a different manga. Who is actually named like a chick. Can’t remember the name, but I’m liking Hiyoki more than that protagonist, and we haven’t seen Hiyoki do much yet. EXCEPT WARM THE HEARTS OF BISHIES. Thanks, guys for scanlating it!


thanks so much for the new chapter^^-we like it.good work & keep ur good habit;D
happy new year to the all group^^


Thanks so much for your guys’ hard work! And I really like SLH so far, I can’t wait for more!!! And Cain…. UGH HE ANNOYS ME. Just saying.