Sensei wa Ore no Mono chapter 2… and a sad announcement D=

The face Natsu made after reading the end of this post.

Firstly, apologies for the wait, guys ‘n gals (lol, there are guys reading this?), HAVE SOME NEW SENMONO from us and our pals at CoyoMoose.

Download Sensei wa Ore no Mono chapter 2

And you know how sometimes you meet a guy (or gal, hey, I DON’T JUDGE) and they just seem to be the most awesome person in the world, and they even promise you FREE BEER on top of it? Well… Senmono is kind of like that, only the FREE BEER was a big fat lie, meant to suck you into a long-term relationship.

In short, we’re dropping the project, because Senmono stood us up on the b00ze. At least Natsu was cute, if not completely and utterly retarded. Worry not, for all you fans, CM will still be handling the project solo.

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This series would have been amusing if the roles were reversed. Y/N?




About Barajou no Kiss, in the latest chapter (12), when explaining the levels of the knights, it says “Stage 1 – Stage 1 – Stage 1 – Final Stage”. Shouldn’t it be “Stage 1 – Stage 2 – Stage 3 – Final Stage”?


Aaand, in last page (c12p92), Schwartz says “manditory” instead of “mandatory”.


Its such a cute story. yeh SOOOO much awesome-er if the roles were reversed!!
thanks for the effort though. you guys always do such an awesome job!
looking forward for the newer chapters for barajou no kiss!