12 Days of Doujinshi Day seven – Fullmoon wo Sagashite: Dear Moon

So, remember that 12 days of doujinshi thing? I’m going to do my damnedest to get back on track with that so we can finish up by Christmas. You’ll root us on, right? Heck yeah, I know you will. TP fans are nothing if not loyal, and let’s not take into consideration the fact that there’s just no one else out there who’s doing what we’re doing. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

On that note, we’re actually running short on doujinshi to do, so if any of you have any doujinshi to share (preferably short-ish, less than 40 pages ideally), drop us a line over at the forum! Only catch is, it’s got to be within the next 24 hours or there’s no way we’ll get to ’em… And preferably from series we’ve already done would be nice.

Now, about the doujinshi! First off, this was done by the circle Strawberry Lunch, which is actually made up of Minase Ai, one of Tanemura Arina’s own assistants, so you know it’s going to have that same Full Moon feel. In fact, I wonder if you can consider this canon…? Either way, the sketches at the end of the book include some from Shinshi Doumei Cross, which was first published in Ribon around the same time as this book was released, so you know that had to be a treat for fans. Anyway, enough of my babbling, GO DOWNLOAD IT.

Download Full Moon wo Sagashite doujinshi: Dear Moon


6 thoughts on “12 Days of Doujinshi Day seven – Fullmoon wo Sagashite: Dear Moon

  1. Rena says:

    Wow, I am pretty picky with what I read these days but you guys release some of the best stuff around–it’s like you’re reading my mind! Thanks so much for all you do!

  2. Theru says:

    Talk about a perfect Christmas present! I’m so excited to download this, I’m tripping over my fingers!! @A@
    Thanks so much for this release; this really makes my day! It sounds like it’s going to be amazing, I just can’t wait to read it!
    Thanks for all your hard work this season (and year-round!)

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