SLH Stray Love Hearts! vol1ch02

Hiyoki learns firsthand how dangerous fangirls can be

Ladies and Gentlemen (?!), it’s finally time! Yes, we have a new chapter of SLH. I’ll get the reason for the delay out in the opening in case no one had heard it- I edited this chapter for the first time back before school started, but before we’d gotten a chance to finish it, my harddrive committed ritualistic suicide, and I didn’t have a lot of time to finish this. But I pulled it off, and we’ve got a new staff member (everybody welcome Shirozaki!) who’s doing a wonderful job, so we shouldn’t have to worry too much about releases. SO THAT’S A YAY

Download SLH – Stray Love Hearts! vol1c02 – Room 2

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    A-ah… Thankyou guys.. For being so kind! I was really worried you would take my comment the wrong way…! eii…! T-thakyou..!

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