Barajou no Kiss vol3ch11

You know it has to be bad when it embarrasses even TENJOH to say it

Are we on time? Are we late? Who knows, every day bleeds together when Daylight Savings hits, cursed to the fiery pits of hell may it be. I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED YOUR MOONTH~ Here’s our reward to you for making it this far alive. Also, Kurama’s card this time around is probably the best one we’ve gotten so far, and by got, I, I… dammit. By the way, this chapter is HUGE, but that’s mostly due to the fact that it’s, oh, ALMOST 60 PAGES LONG. Yeah. So enjoy your 20mb download size. Good thing these new servers are fast, huh?

Download Barajou no Kiss chapter 11: I4U ~I for You~

On that note, we’ve finally added a full volume download feature for volume 2, so feel free to hit that up if you missed it. We’ll release one for volume 1 in the near future as well, just as soon as we put out HQ re-releases of chapters one and two. (With GOODIES!)



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