Barajou no Kiss vol2ch10

Good gawd, Anise is so GAR.

By jove, I remembered what we had to upload today! It was another chapter of Barajou, SILLY ME~

Download Barajou no Kiss chapter 10: The All-But-Transparent Lie

Oh. And this chapter embarrassed the CRAP out of me. You guys can have your Knights, just leave moe-moe Itsushi-sensei with me~ =D SEE YOU NEXT MONTH! We’ll add a full-volume download feature for the volume a little bit later, since I’m kind of on a dialup connection at the moment, so uploading something THAT large would be just about impossible for me. =3


9 thoughts on “Barajou no Kiss vol2ch10

  1. kuroneko says:

    w00t! another chapter of this adorable series. Thank you for your hard work, please know that your efforts are appreciated!!! :)

  2. Azul says:

    wow! thanks, other new chapter! :3 i love this project, all yours efforts are appreciated for us!!!
    kyaaa kaede, i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *¬*

  3. Kairi15 says:

    omg i looooooooooooooooov this anime thanxs so much for postin it at onemanga!!!!! ^_^
    i relly can’t wait til the next one comes out……….PLZ POST IT SOON

  4. Saywahhto.O says:

    Omigosh!!! Thank you for such great scans!!!~
    I love you already!….But don’t tell my dad…
    …And all of the knights are mine O.O mwu haha >..<

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