About release delays and recruiting!

Figured I’d post this since so many people are asking about new releases (especially on the SLH front, but let’s forget about that for now). The majority of staff is busy with school now, so we really have just myself, Reb, and a couple others working on projects right now, and even we are busy with work and other RL stuff. The group isn’t on hiatus or anything like that, but releases will be a bit slower than usual! There was also an incident a little while ago with the scanner’s (yeah, that’d be me) hard drive failing, losing almost all of our raw scans. Many chapters have to be rescanned and edited from scratch, so while that isn’t the biggest problem here, it certainly doesn’t help matters.

Now for people asking specifically about SLH, that was one of the casualties in the hard drive bomb. I don’t know what Shouto’s problem back then was, but SLH is immensely difficult to edit, and with what free time I have, it’s gonna take a while longer.

So what we DO need right now is more people on staff! If you’ve got the patience and the time, please head over to the forum and apply for a position! I know the tests seem hard, but they’re only that way so we can get a specific idea of what you can and can’t do. Even if you think you bodged it terribly, chances are that we’ll find some work for you!

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9 thoughts on “About release delays and recruiting!

  1. Melfra says:

    (url removed) You should give this a try, unless you want to contiunue buying the books to support the author.

    We’ve explained our stance on this time and again, but the bottom line is, we’re paying for books because we’re posting the author’s work online for free and technically making them lose money. We don’t condone it, and we really don’t want to see mention of that floating around here either. So thank you for the offer, but we’ll stick to how things are right now =P

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