15 thoughts on “The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor ch1v2

  1. Wesley says:

    Please don’t scanlate genderbending garbage. I love your work with the Slayers, but don’t get into stuff like this.

  2. Melfra says:

    You serious? Well, you’ve got every right to your opinion, but we’ll scanlate what we want. And I put a spoiler tag in your comment… Even if you don’t like the series, you shouldn’t spoil it for those who do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aww, man, I just had to read that spoiler bit before reading Melfra’s post explaining why it was blacked out. ;_;

    Well then… Please don’t scanlate Slayers garbage. I love your work with this series, but don’t stay into stuff like that. ^^

    For anyone else worrying that “smaller filesizes” might mean “lower quality”, I believe only the table of contents page suffered that fate at all (and not all that significantly, at that). The other JPEG scans were left untouched, and it looks like the PNGs were compressed losslessly (converted from 8-bit to 4-bit, when there were already only 12 colors per black & white page to start with, so nothing lost).

    But you missed one of the spelling corrections I posted before:
    Page 45:
    attendence -> attendance

    And I just noticed one more minor little typo on page 43:
    “Oh. but” -> “Oh, but” or “Oh. But” (depending on which punctuation mark the original Japanese raws used)

    But anyway, thanks for all the fix-ups!

  4. Melfra says:

    Listen, Anon, we’re really grateful for the help.. The first time, at least. But it’s gotten to this point and I’ve gotta ask, why are you being so hyper critical of this release? I mean, you probably don’t know Japanese (else you wouldn’t have a reason to be reading this), but you’re pointing out actual punctuation choices, with the comment “depending on which punctuation mark the original Japanese raws used;” but following that logic, we would never use commas at all in manga, because they simply aren’t common. Following punctuation line for line would make reading manga downright unpleasant, and even the publishing companies such as Viz, Yen Press, and Del Rey don’t do it.

    (and guys, please, let’s not get into a “this series” vs “that series” argument here)

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t call it being “hyper critical”, so much as just trying to be a thorough proofreader. I mean, “hyper critical” implies being judgmental, whereas I’ve only been trying to objectively point out those minor little mistakes, just for the sake of trying to help you guys just slightly streamline and improve the reading experience for other readers, should you wish to do so. Wasn’t trying to be insulting or derogatory or the like in any way whatsoever. Apologies if it came across that way.

    > you probably dont know Japanese

    Mostly correct. I have probably less than a first-year understanding of Japanese grammar at this point, but I do know kana, I do use a kanji dictionary and a furigana dictionary and a few other books, and of course I’ve got a bunch of machine translation websites bookmarked. But yeah, there’s no way I could get through this series without the help of folks like you. So, many thanks, once again!

    > we would never use commas at all in manga, because they simply arent common.

    Eh? I haven’t seen the raws for this series, but I have seen (and attempted to decipher) many other raws, and I’m sure I’ve seen plenty of commas.
    Anyway, regardless of that, I guess I should’ve said something more like “depending on how much of a pause was originally indicated after Sachi’s ‘Oh'”. Just wanted to preserve the original flow of the dialogue, is all. (Of course that’s simply not possible in many cases, but it looked like this was probably a case where it’d be easily possible.)

    (Hope it was at least clear that I wasn’t being at all serious when countering Wesley’s post above. ^^; )

    And lastly:
    Last night, I tried posting another reply to the previous thread, but unlike all my other posts, it didn’t show up right away. So after a while, I tried submitting it again, at which point the system informed me it detected I had already posted that message, and was blocking my duplicate post. But more than half a day later now, the post still hasn’t shown up. Any idea what happened to it? My guess had been that the inclusion of a website link must’ve automatically forced the post to await moderation (as a spambot countermeasure), but now that the moderator has already shown up, I have no idea what happened.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Er, never mind, now the missing reply has appeared. (Wonder why it took so long to show up, though. I’m sure it wasn’t just a browser cache issue. Weird. ??? )

  7. rebmastu says:

    Alright, just found your comment and de-spammified that one, sorry about that. Not sure what exactly triggered it, to be honest. Hmmm… Now that I think of it, it may have been because of the “members” bit in your forum URL – our spambot doesn’t take kindly to forums, you see. =3 Anyway, I’ll answer your questions in this reply so you don’t have to cross reference.

    As far as I know, the Birdcage novels haven’t been translated into English, but yes, most of the character names were romanized in a kind of pseudo character introduction page.

    To add on to Melly’s original comment RE: Commas, there are, indeed, commas in a lot of Japanese literature, but they are nowhere near as prevailent (hence, “we’d hardly be using them at all”), nor do they function in the same way as English commas. In fact, commas are usually only used in Japanese to separate the subject from the rest of a certain phrase to add emphasis or to clarify where there could be some confusion regarding the actual subject of a sentence otherwise. (TBH, in manga, you’ll often see a space serve the same purpose as a comma. Wild, huh? Your random Japanese lesson for the day! Now pay up, I’m not cheap!)

    Like Melly said, we do appreciate the heads-up on the errors, however, it’s only through our continued dialogue that I can really tell that you had good intentions with your suggestions, because you did initially come off as…. er, a little disparaging, to be honest. (It’s okay, I forgive you.) Now, I’m not telling you to decorate your comments with smiley faces and hearts or anything, but next time, try prefacing it with “Okay chapter, but here’s a few things I noticed[…]” If you catch my drift. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, I really REALLY like constructive crit. Much better than reading over it a day later and noticing, “Oh, crap! I screwed up!” (Though I was already at that stage earlier. *facepalm*)

    Anyway, all’s been forgiven, I know you didn’t mean, it, moving on, blah blah blah, nothing to see here, yadda yadda, LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT CHAPTER!

  8. rebmastu says:

    More mispellings:
    p4 “shit” should be “shirt”


    Better yet, what part of any of that looked like his shirt? Common sense, man.

  9. Rizzz says:

    Chapter 01 was great and I fell in love with the characters, thank you very much for scanlating this awesome series :D
    I really appreciate the staff time and effort into this release ^___^

  10. Akiko Sakuraba says:

    Hai, hai, yamete kudasai… It’s OK. You guys worked really hard to get us this scanlation, Slayers is great, I am a grammar freak, but things like this don’t matter. Ne? But just saying… The download link does not exist. But you guys are busy high schoolers, like me. I understand! :3

  11. Melfra says:

    I checked the download links, and they work fine on the project page… so I’m not sure what’s going on over on your end xD

    As for students… well, we’re actually all in college! (well, okay, just most of us)

  12. Akiko Sakuraba says:

    Ooooh! Onee-sama tachi! XD If you guys ever need translation help, I’m more than welcome to help out a bit. :3 My major in college is going to be Japanese, so it’s good practice. X3

  13. Melfra says:

    Ooooh! Onee-sama tachi! XD If you guys ever need translation help, I’m more than welcome to help out a bit. :3 My major in college is going to be Japanese, so it’s good practice. X3

    Thank you for the offer~ But the group’s founding purpose was for Reb to practice her reading and comprehension, and I’m afraid that allowing another translator on the team would be defeating the purpose completely =P

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