Slayers fans, this is for you

Even Larry Light is touched!

In celebration of both our 100th release, and as thanks for the numerous donations we’ve had from you Slayers fans out there, we’ve prepared a bit of a treat for you! This week, we finish up volume five of Aqua Lord (only one volume left!), bring you chapter two of Falces (long overdue, but take a look at the massive amounts of text in that! By the way, if you’ve never read the novels, you’re in for a treat in the form of SMART Gourry. That’s right, he’s not a myth!), and chapters one through three of Larry Trigger Light Magic. Enjoy!

To elaborate on the donations bit, when we announced that Turtle Paradise was in need of donations when we released chapter eight of Barajou, we received no, count ’em, zero donations. When we asked for donations with the latest chapter of Aqualord, we pulled in a whopping $20! So Slayers fans, this mega release is for you in thanks for your generosity. We wouldn’t be here if not for your support!

Download Slayers: Knight of Aqua Lord chapters 25 and 26
Download Slayers: The Hourglass of Falces chapter 2
Download Slayers: Light Magic chapters one (HQ volume release ver.) through three

…Of course, that’s not to say we couldn’t use more donations. Our hands doors are always open. x3



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