Slayers KoAL vol5ch24


I swear to you all, this is hands down my FAVORITE chapter of Aqua Lad.

And, yeah, it’s mostly because of Vaalwin. YEAH, YOU HEARD ME.

Download Slayers – Knight of Aqua Lord chapter 24: Manifestation of the Air Lord!?

Again, we’re hurting for donations (billing time’s coming up pretty soon), so if any of our AWESOME audience out there has a couple of bucks to spare, we’d appreciate it massively. (Just hit the lil’ donate button on the top-left hand of your screen!) Rest assured, we only use donations to help us scanlate for you~ (Server bills being a HUGE cost factor.)

Anywho, enjoy the chapter!


2 thoughts on “Slayers KoAL vol5ch24

  1. Gruic says:

    I’m very happy, english people can finally read this part of the story. Thx to Turtle Paradise ! We got it in france but it’s very hard to find others countries who knows Valwin and can debate about him.

    I’m a very big fan of Valwin and I hope you’ll enjoy him too. This chapter explain a lot about Shinzokus and it’s a crucial point for the mythology.

  2. likalaruku says:

    If I hadn’t closed by bank account for economic reasons, I’d gladly donate. The only thing I could do would be suggesting sites that don’t charge any fees or help with the non-translating part of scanlations. (email if you’re interested in either).

    I really wish KotAL had an anime, then again, the Slayers Revolution/Evolution R animes were so dissapointing compared to the mangas. A video game would be nice, done in the Aveyond style.

    Oh yeah, & thanks for uploading the Slayers chapters onto Onemanga; they’re so much easier to read in java than downloading.

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