Slayers KoAL vol5ch23

Now doesn’t that just give you the warm fuzzies?

So now that we know the cast of Aqua Lord passes the listening comprehension test (Cair’s words, not mine!), let’s move on to bigger and better things, shall we? LIKE TRIPPY SPACE-JUMPS.


Download Slayers, Knight of Aqua Lord chapter 23 – Opening the path in the sky

And with that, enjoy. YOU HEAR ME? ENJOY!

Oh, and on a Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku note, volume 4 has no release date yet (we haven’t dropped it, GAWRSH, it’d be in the “dropped” section if we had), but look for it sometime late next month.

…Maybe. Hell, I don’t know. I doubt MIN MIN knows.


5 thoughts on “Slayers KoAL vol5ch23

  1. rebmastu says:

    I like Ohtsuka’s 2-D people’s deaths. It makes me warm and fuzzy.

    Oh Tom, you’re so mean. BTW, get a gravatar, you lazy bastard.

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