Who’s got a domain name?

Yeah, that’s right, we do! So if you’re one of the cool kids, point your links over to http://www.turtle-paradise.net – because friends don’t let friends use dot coms.

For those wondering, all the old links work. Rebmastu has too much fun hardcoding her links in posts so getting rid of the subdomain would just give me a major headache. I really wanted to wait before I got a new layout up to announce the new domain, buuuuut Reb already dropped the ball in the forum, so might as well make it public!

Hey, while you’re at it, why don’t you check out the forum? Even if you don’t want to post or register, we’re always itching for some new blood in the chat box. Hell, we need more people in there overall. IT’S BEING OVERRUN BY THE STAFF, SOMEONE, PLEASE, REGISTER AND PLAY WITH US

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When not ruining everything (including books), takes care of scanning, QC, and sometimes cleaning duties. That includes dishes. Rebmastu is a slob. Email or hit me up on twitter if things start looking weird around here!

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Oh, shut up. It’s still AMAZING.


Congrats on getting your own domain name. ^_^


congrats ! ^^