Slayers Evolution-R Epilogue + Omake

The meme personified.

A special release! Just…. because. Sorry, no Aqualord tonight!

…Oh, who am I kidding. We’ll probably still have it.

Download Slayers Evolution-R Epilogue/Omake

A note about this release – for one, it’s only seven pages long, the epilogue of which is really only two. Still, it’s amusing enough, so it’s worth a look. =3 Besides, at less than 1.5 megs, what have you got to lose?


6 thoughts on “Slayers Evolution-R Epilogue + Omake

  1. Gruic says:

    IMAO !!

    Can we hope for a new Slayers manga starring Luke and Milina ?! They introduce them the same way as novel 9.

    I want a novel 9 and more on anims and manga !

  2. Tom the Mighty says:

    I want a novel 9 and more on anims and manga ![/quote>

    Shoot, you CAN find novel 9 on google, just gotta dig through some stuff. And the way they introduce L and M in this epilogue is pretty much how they are introduced in the book.

  3. Moonshayde says:

    Let’s petition. We can lock the artist in a room and only feed them if they produces sexy, sexy pages of goodness and Luke and Milina-ness.
    I say it’s a good idea.

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