Slayers KoAL v4ch18

Lyos is mad at us for making him sit AAAAALL BY HIS LONESOME SELF while we take our sweet time releasing the new chapters.

And the newest chapter of Aqua Lord is up for download! In this chapter, well…… There’s a whole lot of talking, and a whole lot of people spouting off crap about “power”. I really need to think of an alternative to this Divine Power/Power of the Gods bullshit before I drive myself (and my QCs!) crazy…….

Download Slayers, Knight of Aqualord volume 4 chapter 18: Circling ’round, the time for battle.

(And yes, I’m fully aware that the chapter title this time around, uh, sucks arse. How else am I supposed to convey something repetitive like that? Oh, crud, now I can think of fifty thousand different, better things to say…. Agh. I blame lack of sleep.)



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