Slayers KoAL vol4ch17

Tired of Slayers? Oh, please, that’s just about ALL we do around here.

Let’s get crackin’ on volume four! Our first chapter has… RIKSFALTO. Yes, that’ll all the reason you need for reading it. She’s CRAZY.

Download Slayers, Knight of Aqua Lord volume 4 chapter 17: And so, they go south

To be honest… I’m kinda actually surprised we’ve made it this far. YAY, LET’S CELEBRATE!


8 thoughts on “Slayers KoAL vol4ch17

  1. rebmastu says:

    Wow. That is NOT what I expected of Fanan’s color scheme. That is UG-LY.

    I TOTALLY concur. D= Ohtsuka uses some SUPER ugly colors in Aqua Lord – and Riksfalto’s overwhelming GREEN on this cover is only a portent of things to come. T_T

  2. patopurific says:

    really? it’s exactly what i was specting… and not only because of her, her “assistants” (?) look very tropical to me :P

  3. TPstalker says:

    i LOVE you guys!!! if i knew how to scan and clean and whatnot…id soo heelp!!! but alas im useless :P
    thank you for teh slayers X3

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