Barajou no Kiss v1ch5

Oh, Seiran. You and your awkward mannerisms.

And chapter five is OUT! Woot! Celebrate with me, y’all. We’ll go back and do chapters one and two at a later time (hopefully as soon as possible, but I can’t guarantee anything), but in the meantime, volume 2 is set to be released next week! WOOT! Rest assured that we’ll start work on that one asap. xP

Download Barajou no Kiss Punishment 5 – Find your Destiny!

And this is our last work as a two-person scanlation team! *sniff* So happy. That’s right, we’ve got STAFF now! I’ll get on those guys a bit later to make up some intro blurbs, but for now welcome Tom the Mighty, Samvise85, and Baki to the team! YAAAAY! And with that said, we need proofreaders/QCers, BAD. Visit the forum to apply! Hell, visit the forum anyway. IT’S FUN. XD



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