Barajou no Kiss v1 ch04

Everyone’s moe for Seiran, don’t EVEN try to deny it.

Chapter four of Barajou for your downloading pleasure!

With this volume, Melly and I corrected a mistake that was really nagging at us for a long time, but we couldn’t figure out why… UNTIL YESTERDAY. Remember the term “Lord Knights”? Did anyone else get this nagging feeling that didn’t sound quite right? ‘Cause it wasn’t. Instead, it should be “Rhode” knights – I didn’t do enough research on the topic before-hand, so I went with whatever sounded phonetically correct. (Hint: Both Rhode and Lord are pronounced exactly the same in Japanese. Go figure, right?) Anyway, read the translation notes at the end of the chapter for more information. For now, enjoy! Since the term didn’t come up in chapter three, I’ll be changing that in chapters one and two when we re-release the HQ versions.

Download Barajou no Kiss v1 ch 04 – “The color which cannot be found in nature”

And enjoy!



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