Barajou no Kiss v.1 ch03!

Anise has an unfortunate encounter with the LIVING DEAD!

So, show of hands – WHO MISSED BARAJOU!
*Somewhere off in the distance, Melly raises BOTH hands*

But in any case, with the release of volume one of Barajou no Kiss (ABOUT DAMN TIME, RIGHT?), we begin our RELEASE SPREE OF BARAJOU! We hope to release a chapter a week, at the VERY least, up until chapter five, which marks the end of volume one. At that time, we’ll re-release chapters one and two in BLINDING high quality! Sounds fun, right? Right.
Anyway, official romanizations were included with the first volume. With that said, the new English title is “Kiss of [the] Rose Princess,” and Agnes is… well, no longer Agnes, but “Anis”. Melly and I have decided to add an “E” on at the end of that, since Anis is a name that no amount of googling has ever turned up.

Download Barajou no Kiss vol 1 ch 03 – “Black and White”

So that’s that! Look forward to more releases in the near future, now that Melly’s finally finished with FINALS! And we’re still looking for new staff members, so visit the “JOIN US” section of the site for more information. =3



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