Obligatory “We’re not dead…. YET!” post!


Where am I, and what are all you people doing here!?

I keeed. Anyway, Reb here, figured I’d stop by and give everyone a heads-up on what kind of progress we’ve been making with our projects around here, new and old alike.

First off, Barajou no Kiss! As you can probably tell by the header (♥), volume one is officially OUT! What does this mean for you? New chapters, and HELLA FAST! I won’t give an exact timeline, but it’ll probably be waaaay sooner than you think. x3 On that note, the volume came with romanizations for the main cast and their names…. Specifically, Agnes is no longer Agnes – she is now “Anis!” ……………………YEAH, ABOUT THAT. Methinks Shouoto-sensei forgot an “E” in there. =X Either way, we’ll be calling her “Anise” from now on, sorry about the confusion. x3 Also, we have an official English title! Barajou no Kiss is now “Kiss of [the] Rose Princess!” Yeah, we’ll be adding a “the” in there, as well.

Secondly, I’ve been working non-stop on Slayers: Hourglass of Falces for some time, so we hope to have the first chapter out in short order.

Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku will be moving to a volume-only release after the end of the Iruel arc. What does this mean for you, the readers? For one, we won’t be working off of Asuka’s terrible page quality, so no more monthly releases. Instead, we’ll be waiting until the full volume is released (which will be in about four months for us) and release A WHOLE BUNCH OF CHAPTERS at a time. This makes it easier for me to translate as well; since I’ll be able to read a whole bunch in advance, I won’t have to guess at a bunch of vague dialogue. In other words, BETTER TRANSLATION QUALITY! Again, we won’t be moving to a volume-only release until Iruel’s arc is over. On that note, what will we be doing with Datenroku in the meantime? About that…. Well, I’m embarrassed to admit that the first few chapters were riddled with translation errors on my half (just look at how the first chapter contradicts with recent events!), so I’ll be going back and re-doing the series from the volume scans. Yippee, quality!

And the burning question I’m sure everyone is asking themselves….. Peas and rice, TP, why the HELL haven’t you released anything lately!?
………………………………………….Finals week. *cough*

ANYWAY! To close out this post that’s gone on WAY TOO LONG, we’re still accepting applicants for several positions! Think you got what it takes to be a member of Turtle Paradise’s staff? Take the test!

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Tom the Mighty

well, don’t kill yourself! (probably gonna get killed for this :() School is easily more important than our need for free manga so please don’t feel so rushed.


Thanks for the news! I was wondering what was up with Barajou no Kiss’s releases. Looking forward to it! ^^


Focus on your finals! Good luck! XD


You’re the best ! Courage. Take your time.


Don’t worry…. I guess I’ll just have to wait longer for Eva…. Oh well….. I guess I’m gonna have to re-read the mangas and re-watch the anime series again…. ^_^


(Sorry for the double post…)
Oh yeah…. Don’t forget to study!! Don’t worry about us, we’ll wait for the updates….


Good luck with finals! Eek, I can see Eva manga being hard to translate, just do your best! :3



Its a pity that Gakuen will be moving to a volume-only release, but well I understand that work with the Asukas magazinepage quality, its very difficult. Good luck with the finals ^^.