First off, let’s summarize the results for last month’s (week’s? UHHHHHH when did we put that up again? I CAN’T REMEMBER) poll!

So, do YOU buy manga that you’ve read online?
The majority of you said “I only buy if I really like the manga,” with a whopping 70% of the votes. This is all sorts of cool, guys. SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY! *pumps fist* Sweet action.
24% of you said “If it’s readily available, I’ll buy it.” Also most excellent. (YOU’LL GET A MASSIVE BOOK COLLECTION, GUYS, IT’S SERIOUSLY AWESOME.)
Aaaand 6% of you said “I’ve already read it, so I don’t bother.” THAT’S 6% TOO MANY.

But anyway! If you’ll take a look at the new (POORLY DESIGNED, OKAY, OKAY, I’M SORRY ;_;) projects page, you’ll see that we’ve added ALL SORTS OF NEW STUFF! Go take a look and see if any of our new titles tickle your fancy – and tell us about it in the new poll! Or you could comment here and make a discussion out of it. That’ll be cool, too.

And with that said, we’ve also added a “Recruitment” page. Right now we’re looking for editors, type-setters, and Quality Checkers, so drop us a line over there if you think you can help out!

Edit: Removed the “Hourglass of Falces” option from the poll because, duh, it’d win by a landslide. (And it’s not technically a “new” project either, since we’ve always intended to do it.)

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8 Comments on "New poll and NEW PROJECTS, BOOYEAH!"

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Damn, and here I was going to vote Falces.


woah, amazing, new projects and, maybe?, more staff so things will be faster too. hooray for turtle


Yeah, turtles are awesome.


Buff Reb, you are going to have a lot of work with all this amazing projects. You can do it XP!!


so, you want us to buy a book in a language we don’t understand just so we prove we support the mangaka?
I don’t know why but something doesn’t sound right (while some part of it makes perfect sense).


goku, i dont think thats what she meant, i believe that when she says “readily avaible”, she means, “easy to access in a language that fits you”


You will get a majorly huge manga collection by buying what all you like. Even imports can be found in America. =3
I’ve got almost 2000 American manga, and I find Japanese/other languages typically at secondhand bookstores. (But I live in an area with a ton of Asians.. That could be why I find so many imports.)