First off, let’s summarize the results for last month’s (week’s? UHHHHHH when did we put that up again? I CAN’T REMEMBER) poll!

So, do YOU buy manga that you’ve read online?
The majority of you said “I only buy if I really like the manga,” with a whopping 70% of the votes. This is all sorts of cool, guys. SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY! *pumps fist* Sweet action.
24% of you said “If it’s readily available, I’ll buy it.” Also most excellent. (YOU’LL GET A MASSIVE BOOK COLLECTION, GUYS, IT’S SERIOUSLY AWESOME.)
Aaaand 6% of you said “I’ve already read it, so I don’t bother.” THAT’S 6% TOO MANY.

But anyway! If you’ll take a look at the new (POORLY DESIGNED, OKAY, OKAY, I’M SORRY ;_;) projects page, you’ll see that we’ve added ALL SORTS OF NEW STUFF! Go take a look and see if any of our new titles tickle your fancy – and tell us about it in the new poll! Or you could comment here and make a discussion out of it. That’ll be cool, too.

And with that said, we’ve also added a “Recruitment” page. Right now we’re looking for editors, type-setters, and Quality Checkers, so drop us a line over there if you think you can help out!

Edit: Removed the “Hourglass of Falces” option from the poll because, duh, it’d win by a landslide. (And it’s not technically a “new” project either, since we’ve always intended to do it.)


8 thoughts on “New poll and NEW PROJECTS, BOOYEAH!

  1. gokudomatic says:

    so, you want us to buy a book in a language we don’t understand just so we prove we support the mangaka?
    I don’t know why but something doesn’t sound right (while some part of it makes perfect sense).

  2. hex says:

    goku, i dont think thats what she meant, i believe that when she says “readily avaible”, she means, “easy to access in a language that fits you”

  3. Kura says:

    You will get a majorly huge manga collection by buying what all you like. Even imports can be found in America. =3
    I’ve got almost 2000 American manga, and I find Japanese/other languages typically at secondhand bookstores. (But I live in an area with a ton of Asians.. That could be why I find so many imports.)

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