Slayers KoAL ch. 13v2

Okay, I’m a COMPLETE dork. I accidentally screwed up the page order for this chapter, aaaagggghhhhh. Don’t ask me how, though. o_O Anywho.

The pages I named 65 and 66, in sequence, should go between pages 45 and 46, in the span between Soy Ren’s applauding Lyos and her feeding him OM NOMS. Version two has this silly error rectified, and I hang my head in shame over any confusion it may have caused. (._.;)


4 thoughts on “Slayers KoAL ch. 13v2

  1. VFIN says:

    The version that I downloaded seems to be in the right order and for all I know its v1, so can you tell me about these few pages so I can be sure?

  2. yoruichi says:

    LOL that’s ok. When you read it, you notice that those pages should’ve been somewhere else anyway.

    Don’t worry about it. You work so hard churning these chapters out, a mistake isn’t a big deal ^^

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