Slayers Evolution ch. 4!

Quite possibly the coolest imagery to come out of this chapter.

Aaaand here’s the last release for the weekend (GOOD LAWD AM I TIRED), Evolution! Go download it and… well…. I’m not sure what you should do after that, actually.

Download Slayers Evolution-R chapter 04 – Death

Everybody give Melly a hand for her awesome re-design of our download pages! Lookin’ pretty sweet, there. (Much easier to navigate, too.)


7 thoughts on “Slayers Evolution ch. 4!

  1. ohohohohoho says:

    Yay, Melly!

    Reading this chapter made me feel like they dangled a carrot of awesome in my face then quickly took it away.

  2. VilleFIN says:

    I wonder how they are going to kill Rezo and Shabranigdu in one chapter… And lets not forget about that city/country they have to revive… Oh and what about Xelloss?
    Really appreciate all the work you have done to help the non-japanese Slayers fans! I would be at a loss without you guys!
    The next chapter after a month again huh?
    Oh well… I guess I’ll survive…

  3. rebmastu says:

    I wonder how they are going to kill Rezo and Shabranigdu in one chapter…

    We’re not quite sure how many chapters the story has left (they may very well have the “conclusive battle” chapter, followed by a sort of epilogue), but here’s something funny: The Revolution manga had a whopping 193 pages of story, while so far in Evolution-R we’ve only had 96. I’m guessing either the next chapter is going to be ALL SORTS OF EPIC LONG, or we’ve got two decent-sized chapters left before we see a really final conclusion to this series.

    Sounds fun, right? XD


  4. VilleFIN says:

    Man I’m going to burst into tears if they really do leave it at that (meaning next chapter)… But yes, now that I think about it, they never did say anything about how many chapters there are still left…
    Just wondering about the other Slayers series… Agualord? Light Magic? hourglass?
    To put it bluntly, cha 4 was something like a boner-killer… The way I see it is that they could have used the moment for so much drama that I can’t even count that far… –Lina going berserk and attacking everyone and finally Gourry pulling her back, Amelia getting lost in the mist of the battle and Zel going after her– or something like that…
    Compared to chapter 3, where we found out that Rezo was behind the plague, Zelgadiss’ plan being revealed, Amelia running off, Lina getting possessed and seeing her naked (cough, cough) really doesn’t compare to what cha 4 gave us…

    Of well… We’ll just have to wait and see now won’t we?

  5. rebmastu says:

    Just wondering about the other Slayers series… Agualord? Light Magic? hourglass?

    I’m only one person, Ville, give me a little time. =\

  6. VilleFIN says:

    Of course! But you must remember that we are desperate fans! Heh Heh!
    Seriously, I know how it is… I have actually been cleaning up (meaning they are already english, but are partly pretty unreadable) the 9 and 10 Novels for sometime now… and ITS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER!
    So I have a feeling that I know how you feel…
    But keep it up! We non-japan-speaking-fans are pretty much lost without you!

  7. Tom the Mighty says:

    Personally, I’d love to see Falshe’s Hourglass next. The art is fantastic and the plot is dark and novel-esque. Plus having Luke and Mileena is always a good thing, cuz, besides the later novels, what else are they in?

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