Slayers: SEDS ch. 41

Zel has had enough of all this “delay” bullshit!

Da-da-daaaaa! The newest chapter of SEDS, all for YOU, fine reader, all for you.

Download Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story ch. 41 – Hell Master’s Game

On that note, I have at least four other releases I’d like to try to get out this week, so stay tuned. And yes, I’m fully aware it’s Thursday. xD THAT’S JUST HOW BAD ASS WE AT TURTLE PARADISE ARE, Y’HEAR!?


4 thoughts on “Slayers: SEDS ch. 41

  1. Ironheart says:

    Are you saying there’s so little interest in this series?

    Well then, I guess I’m one of that 3 person who still thinks it’s a golden classic.
    The fanbase might be small, but we make up for it in spirit!

    So as for me, and on behalf of the other 2(tell me it was a joke) readers, I Thank You for your work on all the Slayers titles!
    ..well, maybe except for Revolution and Evolution-R ’cause they are a shame on the Slayers name… (not the translation, the anime and manga themselves)

    I must say I was dissapointed to read in last chapter’s credits you won’t translate the first 7 volumes after all, but I guess I can understand that.

    Last month in my never-ending quest for slayers stuff, I managed to get my hands on all 8 volumes of SEDS. It was a nice quality upload, but also Japanese… Now I only have to learn the language!

  2. laurus says:

    Maah just cuz you don’t like it, doesn’t mean only 3 people do! :P Well anyway, you are QUITE badass for releasing this, and I thank you very much! Looking forward to future releases!

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