Slayers: SEDS ch. 40

Yeah, Lina thinks we’re dragging along on this one too.

Aaand here we have a new chapter of Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story for you alll to, uh… enjoy, I guess.

Download Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story ch. 40 – Sairaag, City of the Dead

Additionally (and I hate to burst some bubbles with this one), I’ve decided that as of this chapter, I have a 70% chance of NOT going back to do the first seven volumes. Frankly, the predisposition this series has towards talking-head action is boring me to tears. (Granted, though, reading through the first few volumes, it seems like the manga-ka just gave up at this point. Shame, shame.)

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I liek cake

YAY! Thanks for the update! I’m so glad to finally find out what happens–and I think this is the only piece of Slayers media that tells us why Flagoon got destroyed.


The novels tell it too, but anyway…

Thanks for the update!


Don’t give up on the whole serie now!
I probably am not the only one who would like to have it all translated and scanlated, and this is something we can not find on the net, you are the last hope!
This is the only Slayers serie i have complete at home until now, but i would like to have more people to see this great serie…
Anyway, it’s Slayers we are talking about!
Come on people, help me give T.P. motivation to continue this one!


I hope you’ll continue. I know it’s a huge favor but please? I’ve always wanted to read the manga of this title but couldn’t find a copy. When you said you might scanlate the whole thing if there’s a demand for it I was overjoyed and added my voice to the throng.

Let me add my voice again – please reconsider.