Slayers Evolution-R ch. 03

Surely no single chapter can contain such epicness!?

Aaaand the next chapter is out! This brings us current with Dragon Age’s releases (the newest issue was only released last week) so we’ve unfortunately got another month to wait for the next chapter. WOES. HOWEVER, THIS CHAPTER IS EPIC IN OH SO MANY WAYS.

Download Slayers Evolution-R chapter 03 – The Demon Lord (Ma-Oh)

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Epic? Epic!? Epic!! My Ass! There is no word to describe THIS! I read it half an hour ago and I cant stop shaking from excitement!!

How the F*** am I supposed to sleep the next week? Im going to be running up the walls!!!

Awesome!!! I-I-I cant put it into words! What would we do without you guys?!


Wait! Month? Ok I mingth just kill myself now I cant wait for a month!!

Why must the little pastrys Always be the best ones?!


Thanks so much to both of you!


Hi, I know this comment is off-topic but I couldn’t find a better place to submit it. So, I’ve been browsing your site/blog and noticed there is no link to the homepage under navigation. I think you should really consider adding one.

Btw, nice work releasing Gakuen Datenroku. Are you up to date with the japanese release or can we expect some more chapters before the next Asuka arrives?


o god just epis thanks for this i love slayers if the anime could just be a epic

AAAAAHHH, WHY DID I GET STARTED READING THE NEW SERIES!? I could have just waited until the entire thing was translated, but no, I am such a greedy fangirl. Now I shall be in agony for the next month waiting to see what happens! x_x (Still, though, it’s awesome.) …in the meantime, er, while you’re awaiting part 4, would it be too much to ask for moar Aqualord plz? I’ve been reading it for a while, and was thinking of dropping a note to mention I was enjoying it just before I decided to download Evolution-R. I know the last… Read more »

wow is really good the history, thanks T_T <3


Yes I agree “Epic” can’t possibly describe this chapter..WHY MUST THE AUTHOR LEAVE US IN SUCH A CLIFFIE?! Heh at least it’ll be out soon *-*. GYAAAAA BUT STILL I CANNOT WAIT THAT LONGGGGGGGGG! (Goes berserk and starts to destroy things) MOARRRRRRRR.