If you can see this, all is well.

Yeah, I'm THAT smug <s>(also, HNNNG CONAN)</s>

Yeah, it's that good. (also, CONAN dkljflakdslkjo;di)

After a slew of hosting issues, domain problems, and screwups on my end, we’ve finally got Turtle Paradise back up and running, which is pathetic since we’ve been down since November 13th. Anyway, kudos to everyone who kept up with the group at our livejournal community and offered those words of encouragement and advice, since imposing our rage on others worked for excellent stress relief. For everyone else, if the site ever goes down like it has been, the LJ community will always be online with a mirror of our releases, and it’s updated whenever something is posted (not days later). The restoration process took much, much longer than it should have, so I think we owe you guys an explanation, but I’m warning you. It’s crazy long.


Short version: everything should be up and running smoothly, but even though I have made every effort to transfer everything as smoothly as possible, I can’t guarantee things won’t be broken here and there. So if you run across any issues, please comment to any of our posts and I will fix whatever issues arise immediately.

Now for the long version. Sometime during the night of 11/13, right after we released the newest chapter of Evangelion Datenroku, our [previous] hosting provider, Dreamhost, suspended the entire turtleparadise subdomain without warning. Lucky for us, they were stupid and left the FTP up so we were able to copy all of our files before contacting Dreamhost (for the search engines: DREAMHOST SUCKS) about our status. Turns out that someone over there had taken a look at our site and decided they didn’t like what we were posting and pulled the plug, which was a screwy move on their part. Hosting providers usually wait for a C&D (cease and desist order) before using such drastic measures, but in this case, no one even contacted them. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this since they were our host and all, but it turns out that Dreamhost pulls this crap with legit sites, too.

Anyway, it takes for-freaking-EVER to transfer 15 gigs to a computer back to a webserver, so that explains most of the wait. That, and I fubared the server so bad I didn’t think I’d be able to fix it without contacting tech support AHAHAHA OH MAN THAT SUCKED

But enough of that! Welcome back to Turtle Paradise, everyone! We’ll be back on track with our releases in a jiffy! I’LL BET YOU ALL LIKED HOW TERRIFYINGLY ANTICLIMACTIC THAT POST WAS, HUH



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