Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story vol. 8, ch. 39

That might not be who you think it is, Lina…

Sooooo it’s been about ten days since the last SEDS release, so I thought maybe I should book out a new chapter in a more timely fashion. Expect a new chapter of Aqua Lord within the next day or two, too. I’ll try to get started on chapter five of Revolution after I’m finished with that. Speaking of which, the Revolution manga is officially COMPLETE in Japan right now, at six chapters. Bummer. Meaning chapter five will be the second-to-last chapter…. *sniff* Damn. And I liked Hyouji Issei’s art… but then again, I know I’m in the minority there. xP

Download vol.8 ch. 39

On another note, yet again, I’d like to point out that lil’ donation bar in the upper left corner, the one with the black bar. That means our goal for this month is $50 in donations – but actually, if we don’t receive the $50 for this month’s server bill, we’ll probably have to shut down the site for a bit to earn up some cash-ola to put ‘er back up. That seven next to the fifty means that some generous people (two that I know of, at least) have donated seven dollars to our fund, and for that I’d like to say, “THANKS, DUDES!” XD We appreciate it. But like I said, if anyone has just a dollar to spare, that’d help us out tremendously. We love you guys, seriously.

In the meantime, I’m gonna crash. Enjoy the new chapter!

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I don’t want to see you guys shut down, like evar. ;.; That would make me a sad, sad, panda…woman. D:

(psst! that’s why I’m slipping you some cash!)

(Haha, it feels slightly wrong to be paying for scanlations, yet so, so, right.)


Revolution finished?!?!? Noooooooooooo… oh well >_>

And thanks a lot for the release :D

Hope you get enough donations >_<


she’s meeting LON much sooner than in the anime. and looks like LON has different objectives too.