Gakuen Datenroku stage 12

This series is starting to get trippy AND awesome. I love it.

The newest chapter of Evangelion: The Records of Heaven’s Descent is up! A short one this time (are we surprised? Uh… I’m not, at least. Ugh.), but it’s crammed with some fantastic….. Well, awesome. It’s just awesome.

Download Stage 12

Also, if you all look to the left side of the page, we now have a donation progress bar! Our goal this time around is $110 $50, and you can see that we’ve already gotten a donation. We’ll be having a raffle later on (the date’s a little tentative) of some awesome stuff – including posters, books, and event the individual chapters of the projects we’ve released so far in their raw, magazine form. The prizes are a little tentative right now, of course…. but we’ll make a post addressing that a little later on. Regardless, donations are always LOVE! Thanks for supporting us, all!


2 thoughts on “Gakuen Datenroku stage 12

  1. Melfra says:

    And that was Rebmastu, failing to note why we need donations! Our hosting service contacted me recently, claiming that we were $110 in the hole. It was a billing error that was sorted out, thankfully, but it turned out that with various charges (overages, etc) we still ended up needing an extra $50. So if anyone would be willing, any bit, even $5 helps out a lot! Thank you all~!

  2. Exclave says:

    Even at $110 a month, if I get this new job I interviewed for, I’d almost be willing to pay the monthly fees if it meant Slayers 1-7 getting the translations it so deserves. Till I get a new job though, I be broke.

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