D•N•Angel Stage 3 Volume 23

Yeah, she knows. Probably. Er, maybe not….

Finally, after a longer wait than I’d have liked to throw at you guys, the newest chapter of DNAngel is up! Well, look at it this way… at least there won’t be nearly as long of a wait for the next chapter, right? =3 (That’s no excuse, dammit!) By the way, this chapter should wrap up volume 13. Maybe. (Or it could be chapter 1 of volume 14 – who knows?) Either way, enjoy.

Download Stage 3 Volume 23 (Volume 13, chapter 4)


8 thoughts on “D•N•Angel Stage 3 Volume 23

  1. Melfra says:

    Thank you for this chapter but I am hoping that the next chapter will be done soon enough.

    But the newest issue of Asuka only came out yesterday~! ;_;

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