New Poll: Slayers Super Explosive Demon Story

No trolling for you!

No trolling for you!

In our last poll, we asked readers how they felt about adding a forum for Turtle Paradise. The reactions were mixed, with 46% of voters resolving to lurk said forums, and an additional 28% in favor of the idea, leaving 21% opposed and 5% without an opinion. It’s a shame, but it looks like a forum system is unlikely, especially considering the number of people willing to participate and those opposed to the idea had only a 7% difference. Sure, you could argue that including the percentage of people in favor was technically was a whopping 74%, but without many people participating, it’s not really worth the effort, now is it? Well, who knows, we might do something like that sooner or later anyway. The past is the past, and now it’s time for our newest poll!

Should Turtle Paradise pick up the first seven volumes of Super Explosive Demon Story?
This one’s been a pretty hot topic here lately, and those in favor have been amazingly vocal (and even confrontational?! WAT) about the whole thing, but we haven’t heard a lot from everyone else regarding the matter, so now’s your chance to speak up!

Personally, I’m a little bothered by the number of people unwilling to pick up the earlier volumes that were released in English (available readily on Ebay, although I won’t be providing links because many dislike the site), but I’m also torn because those I’ve spoken to who read the CPM release say it was pretty subpar. Although it doesn’t technically hurt anyone because the volumes are out of print, it still brings to mind to the current industry issues with many people wanting too much for free. What you do on your own time is none of our business, however, I will say that when the series you download here are released in your country, please support the authors by purchasing the books! Turtle Paradise is not a replacement for the real deal!

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Well :3 I honestly own Super Explosive Demon Story 1-7 in english but I’d like to see another take on it, since I don’t own the Japanese. O:
Oooh~ And Slayers Special O:


please, SED1-7 by CPM was really badly done, but it was already done. I bought all of them, since I sweared to get every story related to Slayers, but it would be really nice to have a decent translation of the manga. But before that, please translate first the missing volume. We never know if the project could be cancelled for any reason. So it would be better to have in priority all the serie somehow translated.


Translate Slayers is not a waste of time, from my point of view is the best thing they can do. I hope that translated the first 7 volumes.


Translating all of it sounds great, but if it can’t happen, I’d certainly be happy with just volume 8! I haven’t read it at all, and after reading the first chapter of it, I just can’t wait for more!


After doing some pretty extensive digging around, I have come to the conclusion that Vol. 4 does not exist as new or used. Even ebay auctions for vol. 4 are either the text story version or just the 4th comic (making it chap 4 and not vol 4). If there aren’t enough votes to convice TP to translate vols 1-7, please at least add vol 4 to the list of projects.

Here’s to hoping an announcement that vols 1-7 will be translated!


I have voted “does want” because the english comic version of SLAYERS never reached me (probably others if they imported but locally no). Either way, I watched the first three seasons and the latest so I am just hoping for something that is more faithful to the original medium (the light novels).