Slayers Light•Magic ch. 01

See also; Murphy’s Law.

Sorry for the massive delay with the new chapter. x3 Well, with all new releases, actually…. See, my work hours were increased at the beginning of this month (with only one day off, BOO HOO), so I’m still attempting to adjust. Ahaha. Enough excuses! Read the chapter! Love the chapter! EMBRACE THE CHAPTER.

Hey, it’s a fun new series, at least. Very digestible.

BUT IS IT DELICIOUS!? Download chapter 01

Again, a 1600px version this time. I may add a 1200px version later on, but making duplicates like this is kinda killing my space. xD Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Slayers Light•Magic ch. 01

  1. bri says:

    i would love it if you’d translate the next few chapters soon. i know that it takes a lot of work, but i really want to read it.
    heck, if you can even put up the original japanese version, it’d be wonderful.
    thank you.

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