Slayers REVOLUTION ch. 04

Despite appearances, this chapter is full of MOE.

Unfortunately I’m WAAAYYY too tired to type anything of meaning here, so… Here! Have the new chapter of Revolution! It’s amazing, in five ways more than one. Wait, that kind of catch-phrase manipulation really doesn’t work in this situation, does it…? Ahh, well, anyway. Awesome chapter is AWESOME.

Download chapter 04 – “Those Who Know the Truth!”

Also, we’ve decided to stick with the 1200px versions as opposed to the 1600px versions we offered in the past. Gotta give our low-res guys some love, right? In the future, I *might* offer 1600px versions in addition, but for now… This chapter was enough of an editing headache as it is. xD

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Thank you!

Wow, a lot of ulterior motives in this chapter. And poor Lina, Xellos saw through her GENIUS plan!


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Yay! Sorry it was such a tough chapter to edit. & 1200px is good =D thanks.


Thanks for the new chapter! I also (as I’ve posted before) prefer 1200px, so it’s great :D