Slayers Light•Magic ch. 00 (preview)

Why hello thar, have you seen my giant SLAYERS BIAS?

So! Another new Slayers project! This time it’s the spinoff series Light•Magic, also known as “Future” at one point. However! This isn’t… actually a chapter? Okay, okay, hear me out! This four-page short was slapped in volume 8 of KeroKeroAce, which was released about two months ago as a preview/advertisement for the series, set to begin in volume 9, which was released last month. That said, I’ve dubbed it chapter 00, preview/prologue. Ahhh, I’m done with my explanation! Go download it! It’s only three megs big! You’ll be done in a jiffy.

Download chapter 00 – Preview

Released in 1600px (WHY CAN’T I BE CONSISTENT WITH THESE THINGS!?) because, duh, it’s full color. Everybody loves high-res full color.


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