D•N•Angel Stage 3 Volume 22

There are some things you can\'t be too careful about.
Ever have one of those days where you just aren’t sure?

New chapter up for grabs! Sugisaki-sensei makes up for taking last month off by adding in a PRETTY HEFTY plot twist right at the end of this chapter! I almost dropped the magazine when I saw it… And maybe you all will feel the same way.

Download Stage 3 Volume 22 (Volume 13, chapter 3)

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8 thoughts on “D•N•Angel Stage 3 Volume 22

  1. kaze86 says:

    can i ask something here??why did dark turn back into daisuke when he saw krad saved risa?? AND why the heck satoshi turned to krad and save risa??

    its a really shocking chapter…and kinda confusing…^_^

  2. Sno-Oki says:

    kaze86, it’s probably not best to spoil it for those who haven’t read the latest chapter. As for your questions, I’m not quite sure why Daisuke changed back (but he seems to be able to change back quite easily recently), but I have a good hunch that Satoshi likes Risa. ^_^ SatoshixRisa fan!

  3. Chreezy says:

    Thank you for scanlating D.N.Angel! I’m almost crazy looking everywhere for it!

    Urghhhh…. Sugisaki does it again, evil cliffhanger!!! She really is the Queen of Evil Cliffies (though that’s also why I love her, LoL)!

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