Update on chapter 5 of Aqua Lord

Just a heads up for all you cool cats out there: I apparently missed a page in chapter five! Here’s the missing file for any of you who downloaded it last night.

Chapter 5 pg 152, 1600px ver.
Chapter 5 pg 152, 1200px ver.

All versions of chapter 5 up for download have been updated with this file.
I’ve updated Turtle Paradise’s direct download links for volume 1 to include this file, but be aware that NONE of the mediafire downloads for volume 1 will have that missing page. Also, we’ve added a 1200px side download version of volume one! HURRAY!

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Yay!! Thanks for all your hardwork on these chapters. More for us to read ?(>?<)?


Thanks a lot!
Congrats on finishing the first volume, the Slayers fandom appreciates your great effort.


Thanks for putting the volume in 1200 too! :D


Thanks so much for all of your hard work! We all appreciate it!!


You rock for posting the Aqua Lord arc. I had given up hope of ever seeing it translated since the American release got canceled ONE volume short. Grr… Anyway, I also greatly appreciate you translating Revolution! You are by FAR my favorite website right now.