Knight of Aqualord ch. 04

Rayunn casts charm on Lyoss. It’s SUPER EFFECTIVE!

It’s that time of the…week? Awww, heck yeah. In this chapter, we see more of Rayunn-san, which is… well, let’s face it, Rayunn is hella cute. ‘Nuff said.

1600px and 1200px version downloads both available, thanks to popular consensus!

Download chapter 4

Keep in mind since the opinion that “bigger is better!” outweighed those of you who preferred the smaller dimensioned pages, the main download link (the one with the chapter title) will link to the 1600px versions, and the Mediafire links will go to the smaller 1200px versions starting with this chapter. Have at it!

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Slay aka reverse

this sure is fast



Yay! A new chapter of revolution & knights of the aqualord. Thanks sooooo much for your hardwork!!! XD XD XD


Thanks a lot for another chapter! I hope you keep giving us the smaller scans too :D


Thank you so much for scanlating the Slayers mangas. They’re so hard to find, so your hard work is really appreciated. Thank you! ^^