Slayers REVOLUTION ch. 03

There are some things that never change….

Chapter three, up for grabs! And boy, what a chapter that turned out to be…. I hope you guys will see why it took me so darn long to get it out once you download it. xP Beastly! (AHAHAHA!)

Download chapter 03 – “The Sleeping Forest”

We’ve started using smaller dimensions for the pages (1200px in height as opposed to 1600 – it makes a difference!), so please go ahead and tell us what you think about that. Also, Melly’s put up a brand new poll over to the side about what doujinshi you’d like to see from us next. Visit the Doujinshisection to see what we’ve got planned for the future!


8 thoughts on “Slayers REVOLUTION ch. 03

  1. Hya says:

    Thanks for the third chapter! I think I prefer the higher-res scans, though. Perhaps hosting the higher-res versions on MediaFire would be a happy medium? That way you wouldn’t necessarily kill your bandwidth hosting them.

  2. Revamp says:

    personally, i can’t tell the differance either way because i read them with CDisplay on fit, its all just exactly alike.

    btw: YES! finally a Xellos chapter! maybe filia will be next? who knows!

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