Slayers Knight of Aqua Lord ch. 01

Enjoy the artistic stylings of Tommy Ohtsuka!
I’ll probably use this picture a lot more than I ought to…

For all you night-owls out there (and early-risers!), we’ve got a surprise super-speedy release! Announcing our newest project, Slayers: The Knight of Aqua Lord! It’s really a great, dramatic series, so I hope you all take a bit to check it out. It’s currently complete in Japan, and scanning it in is suuuper easy for me, since we went ahead and debound the volumes ahead of time, so I’ll be trying to put out at least a chapter a week, if not more during downtime.


Download Chapter 01

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Thank you so much!!!

just a duck

*gasp* Thank you, I’ve been dying to read this!


Thank You! Please keep em coming.


This is most excellent, and with a scary timing because these guys are resuming their work on aqualord as well.
A joint would be cool, thanks a lot for the release, this is great.


This is great and all, but since others are already working on Aqualord, might it not be more effective to focus on the Revolution project? I am eagerly anticipating the next Revolution chapter.


In the future, I’d like to request that links to other groups scanlations of our projects be kept to a minimum. As for Revolution, due to a shipping mix up, this month’s issue of Dragon Age has yet to reach us, so we can’t do any work on it. We have been planning Aqualord for quite a while longer than Revolution, so please don’t be surprised if it even ends up higher priority.


Hi, just asking if there is any possibility of you fellows doing SLAYERS: Super-Explosive Demon Story?

I mean, nobody is doing it.


Great! I love this kind of draw art much more than the revolution’s one. It reminds me the GN with Naga.

The story looks interesting too. I’m really looking forward for this arc.


Great! I have Slayers knight of the Aqualord vol 1,2 and 3, but I don’t speak Japanes, so thanks for translating!

Any chance of translating the final book of the Slayers Super explosive demon story? The USA version was cancelled with 1 book left. I think book 8 was left out, so I had to buy the Japanese version, but once again do not speak Japanese.