Slayers REVOLUTION! Ch. 01

The boob jokes are BACK!
Lina’s back, and she’s just as short-tempered as ever…

Announcing Turtle Paradise’s new project, Slayers REVOLUTION!! The long-awaited manga companion to the new season of Slayers airing this week! Wait, this week!? Oh boy, we have some catch-up to do…


Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, and Amelia are back in action! After losing the legendary Sword of Light, Lina and Gourry travel through the kingdom of Ruvina Gard while searching for a replacement. Meanwhile, Amelia and Zelgadis escort a man named Waizer Flayon because he has a favor to ask of Lina Inverse – something that she can only do…? Wait, would this have anything to do with the Dragon Slave!? And what is that critter over there holding…? Is that… the Sword of Light!? (Running parallel to the new anime series coming out in July.)

Download chapter 01 – “Lina Inverse, the Suspect”

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I would like to ask for your permission to upload this seriesto share for people like reading online without need to download, here it is.

URL deleted
Reason: No need for advertisement.

Thank you very much for your works, I look forward for your permission :)

* If you don’t accept, I will right away remove the series.

Slayers Fan

Finally a new Slayers Manga with the TV cast rather than just Lina and Naga!

Thank you so much for translating this! The Manga in the USA has been canceled, (only 7 out of the 8 manga was released), so thank you very much for translating the most recent incarnation of my favorite series!


Thanks so much for translating this! >_< i was sure it’d get ignored since its such an old series to be revived, but despite my cynicsims its being translated after all! thank you, from the bottom of my heart ^L^

just a duck

Thank you very much for scanlating this! I’ll be reading any future chapters even when after the anime has already started.


Thank you!


Awesome work! It’s amazing how you translated well with characteristical english expressions.
Can I link this page in my website?


Does the Slayers anime really start this week?? Hope some group will translate it:P Anyway thanks for the chapter! Looking forward for new ones:D




slayers . slayers next, slayers try & slayers revolution! Yeah!


Im So Happy! Yeah


yeah!Upcoming soon


Thank you for picking up this project. Also, great job on the translation! I really enjoyed this chapter and am looking forward to more! =)

F. Tido

Hello there! I am writing from a Spanish website (, and we would like to translate Slayers Revolution to our language. I’ve read in your FAQ page that we’ve got to link back there and credit you, so I’m writing this to tell you about that. Please answer me as soon as possible telling either if we can do it or not.

P.S.: Nice translation job! ;)


nice job for the scanlation. for me who really loves this serie, it’s a great day.

however, I’m deceived by the draw art. it’s way too different from the original ones. And the quality is low, like an amateur doujinshi. Sorry to criticize but that’s the only but big bad point I see in this new manga.

And thanks, slayers fan, to let me know that slayers explosive vol. 8 was cancelled (even if it pisses me a hell of). I was trying to find it everywhere.


slayers revolution really brings back memories of the original slayers era. Just wondering if the original slayers manga is available online…