D•N•Angel Stage 3 Vol.21

At least he knows what he wants?
Doing stuff like that will never make you popular with the ladies, Argentine.

I bring you chapter 2 of volume 13! Hurray! I’ve totally given up on counting the actual chapter numbers, to be honest…. So please, just keep that in mind, okay? =3 (Does anyone honestly keep tabs on that? XD)

Download Stage 3 vol.21

In donation news, thanks so much to vantheslayer, yblees, jyudie, and davidandterrill for their donations to the server fund! You guys are helping Turtle Paradise run a lot longer. x3 Now then, enjoy the new chapter.


6 thoughts on “D•N•Angel Stage 3 Vol.21

  1. Nachtschatten says:

    thanks you so much for this chapter! i love dnangel so much and i’m so happy that are new chapter out <3

  2. Sno-Oki says:

    *does a hyperactive version of the happy dance*
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Also, another chapter coming soon! YAY! (And it might be on my birthday too!)

    You guys are so awesome…these scans are really something. High quality images combined with excellent proof-reading and cleaning equals incredible awesomeness!

  3. Darkangel says:

    Thanks 4 the new releases of DN Angel, but one thing i wantto ask, does the mangaka still have it on hiatus or is volume 13 up will be the continuation, i just haven’t seen anything about it sill being on hiatus or not.

  4. Melfra says:

    Sugisaki only just recently (well, more like at the beginning of the year) cased her hiatus, and the stuff we’re scanlating now is the stuff she’s released since then. In other words, the continuation starts with volume 12.

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