D•N•Angel Stage 3 Vol.20

I wonder if that hurt a bit…

Sorry about the delay in getting this chapter out. xP My work schedule was switched around a bit, and it took me a little while to get used to it. On the one hand, Tuesdays and Wednesday off – hurray! Weekends… Not so much. x(

Download Stage 3 vol.20

On an unrelated note, we’re hurting a little bit for donations right now, especially since taking on a few new high-profile series and thusly sucking up our bandwidth, so both Melly and I would love you forever if you could donate a buck to our hosting bill. Can’t promise much in return….. except for warm, fuzzy feelings. =P


7 thoughts on “D•N•Angel Stage 3 Vol.20

  1. FJK324 says:

    shukran, do jeh, xie xie, dkuji, kiitos, merci, danke, toda, sukria, grazie, arigato, kamsa hamnida, takk, spasibo, gracias, asante, tack, tesekkr ederim, kam ouen, ngiyabonga, thank you

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