D•N•Angel Stage 3 Vol.18

Daisuke does not handle stress well, does he?
“It’s finally here! …And Daisuke still doesn’t handle stress well.”

Yukiru Sugisaki doesn’t miss a beat as she picks up exactly where we left off two years ago and once again invites us into the mysterious world of D•N•Angel. At the end of volume 11 (also known as Stage 3 Vol. 17), Satoshi Hiwatari is about to offer Daisuke his assistance… but why is he so invested in Argentine’s fate? We know Argentine wants to become like Dark, but why? With so many questions left unanswered, fans have been clamoring for a continuation of this series for a long time coming, and Sugisaki-sensei more than delivers in this special 123 page re-launch of her popular series.

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I hope you all enjoy. =3


8 thoughts on “D•N•Angel Stage 3 Vol.18

  1. kaguranne says:

    *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE* This has made my MONTH. I am so spaztacularly happy right now. Can’t wait until the next chapter.*squees some more*

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