Eva Gakuen Stage 8 – no explanation required

Nothing strange about a pair of guys at a sleepover wearing matching pajamas. Nothing.

Welcome to TP’s first independent release, without having to use scan providers or anything, we’ve got Eva Gakuen (also known as Evangelion Academy: my title is far too long) chapter the 8th on the menu, ready to be digested. Not guaranteeing any sort of nutritional value, but enjoy your empty calories regardless. Hey! Potato chips and Eva Gakuen have something in common! NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE! Hooray!

Click here to eat Stage 8! DELICIOUS?

Putting aside my personal dislike for a certain project, a message for our lovely lurkers.

Here at TP (toiletPAPIER), we don’t particularly care for the ban hammer, but Reb’s fuse is short and mine is shorter, and our patience with obnoxious commentators has worn thin. So here’s the deal. First off, we acknowledge that our scanlations are available at many other sites and only a small percentage of members come here for their scans, and we don’t have any particular problems with that. Banning is meant only to deter stupid behavior and is highly temporary: unless you have been a particularly gigantic douchebag or done something completely ridonculous, bans last for roughly 48 hours. During that time you can access no part of the site, and this includes direct links. The only types of comments resulting a ban will be posts like "can I have the next chapter?", or other more ridiculous things like "where can I download the next chapter?". Anyone who acts in a normal way is safe, and even questions like "when is the next chapter going to be released?" are legitimate and will not result in a ban.

To make it short, it’s our way of smacking you upside the head and telling you to chill out. Remember, bans are TEMPORARY and will be removed within 48 hours under normal circumstances.

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I love this series so much. Thank you for your continued scanlations!!!! (It made my day to see chapter 8 up)


thank you for all of the chapters XD I’m such a big fan of this!! Whee!! chapter 8 ( is insanely happy ) thank you thank you ^__^


Thank you so much for the latest chapter, I love this series so much :D
Keep up the good work!


Thanks for translating the chapters and everything else you guys do. <3

“Nothing (straight) about a pair of guys at a sleepover wearing matching pajamas. Nothing.”

Fixed. :D


Im really enjoying this one, tnx for d effort
anyway, my intuition tells me that one of them is gay! lolz


well, i download every chapter from here :D keep going ;)


Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!