new FF7 doujin – Streaming the Star

Well, finally got this beast out the other day -hooray, me! Melly’s so slow at QCing. xD Understandable, considering this book is OVER FIFTY PAGES LONG! Woooaaaah.

Anyway – yes, another Final Fantasy VII Aerith-centric doujin! Ahhh, I need to expand my horizons a bit more. Some Tifa or Yuffie doujins would be nice, I think.

Go download it!


One thought on “new FF7 doujin – Streaming the Star

  1. summerchime says:

    Thanks so much! The world is in dire need of more Aerith, Aerith doujin, Aerith hats…

    …Er, anyway!

    Your horizons are always expanded when it’s about Aerith!! :<

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