This post is high… ON AJAX!

I’ll bet you all were wondering when I’d show up, huh? Yeah, I know you were, me being the life of the party and all that, but before we get this thing started, I’ll have you all know that I wasn’t the one who made the last layout even though Reb says I’m in charge of that. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Speaking of whom, turns out Reb really liked this theme when I had it up for a short time last night and made it permanent without telling me, but you know, this thing was a real mess in IE. I mean it. That comment bug Reb mentioned? Rips the page to shreds in IE, but she didn’t know it. So it was really funny when she got up this morning to show it to me and toggled IE instead of Firefox (DOWN WITH IE!). That moment was truly epic. Truly.

Anyway, this thing here is based off of Unsleepable2, but I haven’t done a lot with it in terms of customization or anything like that because I’m unspeakably lazy- these changes will come soon enough, worry not. I intend to make this look like a whole new theme (eventually) but hay (is for horses!), at least it’s easy on the eyes.


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3 thoughts on “This post is high… ON AJAX!

  1. Melfra says:

    Testing to see if the new comments engine thing works.

    It sure does, and hell yes, you can edit comments!

    Ajaxalicious commenting and editing. Om nom nom.

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