Evangelion: Records of Heaven’s Descent ch. 5

If a member of the Mafia ever tries to threaten you with a horse’s head, count yourself lucky. Ayanami would kill for that (apparently.) =P

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THANK YOU for these translations!

I stumbled across your translations of this series and I’m completely hooked. This is *by far* my favourite Evangelion series/AU EVARS. *_*


.. it doesn’t hurt that I’m a pervy Kaworu fancier… ^.~V

Very funny chapter, the Virgin Asuka is the best XD,and Rei for one time in a AU manga is not OOC. You did a excellent work with the touch-up of the pages 0_0 P.D: You said that you take two weeks for do this chapter and you did in one week an three days=_=, so I had to work this holidays thanks to you =3(Its a joke XD but this chapter was very hard>_<, it has got a lot of dialogues, the hardest chapter to do of all of them, I finished yesterday, three days for 26 pages, I worked… Read more »

thanks for these scanlations! i really love this manga and i would never have had the chance to read them if it weren’t for you guys! thank you very much!