Evangelion Ch. 3 version 2

It was brought to my attention late last night (right after I posted the chapter, actually. ^^) that I not only made a typo on page 14 (spaces! REMEMBER THE SPACES!), but I also used a thumbnail of the original cover for that chapter. Woops. I’ve released a version 2 fixing both of those, so you can go download that if you want to. In case you already downloaded the chapter and don’t feel like doing so again (can’t blame ya!), here are the fixed pages:

Fixed cover page
Fixed page 14

While we’re here, I’d also like to say Please, do not use my translations to translate the chapters into a different language!

(Aside from the one site that I’ve given permission to, that is.) Is everybody here familiar with the game “Telephone”? That’s the game where you stand in a line with a bunch of people and try to pass a message along without losing any of the original meaning. Yeah, anyway, it’s kinda like that – I take a liberal approach to translating, which, if interpreted incorrectly, could result in some massive changes to the original’s meaning, which is basically inevitable in the translation process. Double translations are a BAD IDEA. BAD IDEA.

So, if you’re thinking about translating Neon Genesis Evangelion Academy… Learn Japanese, and please don’t use my translations.

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Hello! Sorry if I’m being a bother at all. I was wondering if you still don’t have any further raws for this manga? I’m having a very hard time finding raws online, which perplexes me, since it’s… Eva! And thus went and just ordered the recent copies of Asuka (which tragically aren’t arriving soon…). But so far I have managed to find the fourth chapter, scanned by a Swiss translation group. If you don’t have it, I could check their policy on sharing scans? Or, if you do have the raw of chapter five, is there any way I could… Read more »