Mmm, dusty.

Either my hit counter’s acting up, or we got over 1400 hits yesterday. O_O Amazing. Well, considering that about three hundred people downloaded the second chapter, I guess I can see how that would happen… But wow, that’s still insane.

Ahh, enough of that! This post is just an update on some site construction – if you look over at the sidebar, I’ve taken down most of the Final Fantasy 7 doujinshi I had listed, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone forever! Those pages were just placeholders for the real thing, and I noticed some people were getting a bit confused about that. Those pages will be back up as soon as the projects are completed. =3 Huzzah, right?

To address a bit of confusion on the new Eva series – it runs in a monthly publication publication called Asuka magazine (wild, right? You’d think there’d be more of Asuka herself…), so that means after I hit the current chapter, it’ll be a whole month before another one comes out. Right now, I’m trying to get at least a chapter a week out until I hit chapter 5, which will bring me up-to-date with the series.

Well, thanks for watchin’, all!

(….I wonder if the server can take this much traffic.)

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Might’ve helped with that… I added your Evangelion release to Manga Underground…

color capsule

Thanks for translating this! Enjoyed it XD