Welcome, and forgive the dust… please?

I hope I don’t have to give a speech or something just because this happens to be the first real post of the site… Oh, it does? Damn the luck. Well, anyway, welcome to Turtle Paradise. I’m Rebmastu and I’ll more or less be running things around here, or something like that. Ahh, I don’t even know at this point. Anywho, I’m an armchair (YEAH!) translator, and here’s where I’ll be posting the series that I’ll be scanlating, which contain mostly doujinshi. FF7 doujinshi. Heh. Well, anyway, if you have anything you want to see translated, go ahead and drop me a line. I’m cool with it.

We’ve (we? Who’s we?) already got one project up for download called Prologue. It’s a cute Zack and Aerith doujin, so fans of the pairing should like it. Sephiroth and Cloud fans will probably like it, too. Uh, and Cloud and Tifa fans… Eh, let’s just cut our losses and say it’s got a little something for everyone, eh? Go download it, already.

Anyway, hope to get along with y’all in the future. YEAH!

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The leader of the turtles and the source of any and all hiatuses.
A stay-at-home freelance translator who's just a tad underemployed at the moment, and out of practice in the literary field besides.
Enjoys long walks in the park and candlelight di--(SNIP)

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